Online Video Casino Games

If you don't have the time or the means to travel to a casino, you can have an awesome ride going to an online casino. At you get a great welcome bonus when you join, plus other cash bonuses, not to mention the VIP. Progressive Jackpot slots are a great and fun way to earn big amounts of money at once (even one million euro), but the original jackpot slots are still well worth it.

The video casino games now offered everywhere give online gambling an edge. Of course, it is never the same as actually being there, but the graphics along with the same anticipation and the unending amount of games offered really makes the online casino world stand out. No more lever pulling makes it easier for everyone!

Video slots and Video poker are two huge categories that are extremely popular. Why are they popular? The slots are new and improved with added bonuses, great graphics, high jackpots, scatter symbols and wild symbols. Video poker definitely shows signs of promise even though you play against the casino software itself. This can be a great thing because there is much less pressure.


More great things about video casino games:


You can see what the return (the amount of money going back to the player) of a video poker game before you even start playing.

Video slots usually have about 7 reels (5 spinning) instead of the normal 3- 5 reels along with up to 100 different stops.

Certain online casinos will offer a demo or match your first deposit so that you can try out a game before totally committing to spending your money.

Going to an online casino is actually a safe way to gamble. Extreme measures are put into place to completely obliterate any kind of cheating and goes to great lengths to ensure that your personal and financial information is secure.


Tips for Video Slots


The bigger the jackpot is the less chance you have of winning.


Only bet money that you know you can afford (Use small denomination coins if you have $100 or less).


Play max coins on Progressive Jackpots.


The difference between progressive and the original video slots is that in progressive slots the meter (the jackpot) gets higher and higher while the regular stays fixed.


There is really no strategy for slots; it is all luck.


Use a comp card whenever possible.


The higher percentage of payout, the more likely you are to win.


Tips for Video Poker


Only play Progressive Video Poker if you have a lot of money to spend and there is a high jackpot

A video strategy card or "cheat sheet" is a great and legal way to play the best

Find the best games (like Deuces Wild which gives you a payout of 100

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