A Guide To Las Macau Casinos

In 2014 alone, over 41 million tourists visited Las Vegas. Between locals gambling, and tourists, Clark County, the county in which Las Vegas is located, garnered over $9.6 billion in revenue. This Casino Guide Las Vegas is aimed at giving individuals some idea of where they can go when in Vegas to gamble. The Casino Guide Las Vegas is divided into several subsections for the purpose of providing travelers with a comprehensive picture of available casino options. Casinos along the Las Vegas Strip are discussed first, followed by Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas along Freemont Street. 


Casinos Along the Las Vegas Strip


When someone mentions Las Vegas, the mega casino/hotels dotting the Las Vegas Strip immediately come to mind. Primarily for tourists, casinos on the strip are a great place to start when in Vegas. Starting south and working northward, an adequate tour of casinos along the Las Vegas Strip might look as follows:

Start with Mandalay Bay. This hotel and casino features over 135,000 square feet of casino games, and the third largest saltwater aquarium in the United States, the Shark Reef Aquarium. Following a visit to Mandalay Bay, why not check out one of its sister properties? The Luxor Hotel and Casino and/or The Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The Luxor features an Egyptian theme, 120,000 square feet of gaming and over 2,000 slot machines. The Excalibur, named after King Arthur's sword, provides a medieval theme and the medieval themed dinner show, Tournament of Kings, a show featuring a medieval jousting tournament.

Heading further down the strip there are a number of additional casinos worthy of exploration. Ranging from The New York New York Hotel and Casino, featuring a replica or New York City's skyline out front, to The Bellagio, a casino based on the luxurious world-class resorts of Italy, there will surely be a hotel/casino of your choosing somewhere along Las Vegas's famed Strip. 

Freemont Street

While The Strip is widely renowned as an international tourist destination, many of the locals prefer gaming on Freemont Street. Located several miles to the north, Freemont Street is in what is considered to be Downtown Las Vegas. Many of the casinos that line Freemont Street are older, and pay homage to the Las Vegas of yesteryear. These casinos feature stiff drinks, gritty locales and dank card rooms. Among the more renowned casinos along Freemont Street are Binion's Horsehoe, named for famed Las Vegas gangster, Benny Binion, whose family ran the business all the way up until 2004, and The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, which at 106 rooms is the smallest hotel on Freemont Street and also happens to be the oldest.

Casino Guide Las Vegas, as listed above only provides a small slice of what Las Vegas has to offer. Too numerous to count, gambling options for both the seasoned gambler and occasional tourist proliferate the area. Visit Las Vegas and see for yourself.

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